Erin Adams

Associate Creative Director, Medical Copy

As Associate Creative Director. I take pride in developing content that’s not just medically accurate but strategically sound, using standout creative to engage the audience and melodic messaging to keep their attention. I believe that’s what it takes to catapult a brand forward, and anything less is just not good enough.

My experience spans from highly specialized HCP audiences down to unsuspecting consumers. I’ve been intimately involved in brand development from the pre-launch “prime the market” phase through to loss-of-exclusivity, in virtually all media and across a range of therapeutic categories (diabetes, oncology, rheumatology, mental health… the list goes on). I have a good handle on how to colour inside the lines (read: PAAB and ASC guidelines), but I also won’t back down from a fight if it could benefit the brand.

Agency life aside, I’m also a mom to two small kids. This means, in my spare time, I oscillate between building Lego or playing Yahtzee, and yelling at someone to hurry up and get their pants on.