Jeremy Desel

Vice-President, Media and Reputation at Argyle

Jeremy Desel

Jeremy’s corporate communications expertise is underpinned by an unmatched media perspective. As a national Edward R Murrow and 21-time EMMY winning reporter and investigator he led coverage and exposed wrongdoing big and small on situations like the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion and spill, the Enron scandal, the Firestone Tire global recall, the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, and many others.

As a Director of Communications for Texas’ largest state agency he handled some of the most controversial policy engagements of our time including the response to COVID-19, prison conditions, escapes, and the application of the Death Penalty. 

Media Training requires more than just teaching. Jeremy brings the real-life reporter’s lens to all sessions and scenarios. He has been training everyone from Fortune 50 CEOs to plant managers to prison wardens not just on the basics of media interaction, but advanced scenario-based interactions which build skills for anyone who may encounter media as a part of their role.

Jeremy’s clients include global public and private corporations in the energy sector, major healthcare systems, colleges and universities, public figures, food and beverage companies, and law firms.