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The “Smash Milk” campaign reconnects millennial women with dairy.

Bringing dairy back.


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The client

Alberta Milk represents over 500 dairy producers in Alberta and strives to create a stronger market for milk and dairy products in the province.

Leaving the Nest

When young women enter their late teens and 20s, they are more likely than other demographic to explore plant-based alternatives. As a whole, they drink less milk and experience a dip in both sentiment and attitude towards milk and dairy products. We were given a simple, and challenging, task – change young women’s feelings about milk and dairy.

Dairy My Way

Our strategy recognized that the perceived shift away from dairy products came with both physical and attitudinal dimensions, but that many young women still loved the experience of consuming dairy products. A tall, cold glass of white milk may seem uninteresting – and remind you of sitting around the table with your parents. But eating interesting cheeses, late-night ice cream, putting milk in your cereal, or enjoying a mug of hot chocolate with a friend on a cold day? That’s fun and joyful – putting your own spin on dairy that fits your new lifestyle.

For Alberta Milk to reach and connect with a younger audience, we had to move dairy away from the traditional glass of milk to a set of products with a contemporary spin. Smash Milk, a vibrant, stylish and irreverent campaign struck a chord with young Albertan women and showed them a side of dairy that they’ve always enjoyed – one that connects with them as young adults finding their own way in the world.

A Smashing Success

Women in their 20s are the holy grail for milk advertisers. It’s where the largest drop off is in consumption, tied to a psychological component that is hard to reverse. We knew that advertising intent on changing their attitudes would be a high-risk, high-reward endeavour.

But Young Albertan women connected with Smash Milk beyond our expectations. In fact, the research found that exposure to the Smash Milk campaign was associated with a +22% increase in total dairy consumption, and a +23% increase among the 16-34 female target audience, as well as, a +10% increase in white milk positive attitudes, and a +11% increase among the 16-34 female target audience.

We had to change young women’s feelings about milk and dairy.

Smash milk advertisement - office
Smash milk advertisement : patio party

We spoke to them as young adults finding their way in the world.

Young Albertans connected with the vibrant, stylish and irreverent campaign.