Cavendish Farms

Expanding audiences and building brand loyalty through social media.

Keeping frozen potatoes hot.


  • Food & Beverage
  • CPG


  • Content Creation
  • Social Media
  • Community Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Reporting
  • Website
  • Microsite
  • Gamification
  • Market Activation
  • Point of Sale
  • Incentive Programs
  • Online Sales Portals
  • Digital Sales Sheets
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Recipe Development
  • Food Styling
  • Packaging

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The client

Cavendish Farms is North America’s fourth largest producer of frozen potato products and has four state-of-the-art potato processing plants across North America. Cavendish Farms is part of J.D. Irving, Limited, a family business in operation since 1882.

Social spuds

The frozen potato market is competitive. In order to engage audiences and convert and keep consumers, Cavendish Farms needed a relevant and exciting social media presence. We have been Cavendish’s trusted marketing partner for the retail and food service divisions since 2019. Initially engaged to manage Cavendish’s retail social media channels, the partnership has expanded into food service, shopper marketing programming, sports marketing sponsorship and activation management, and digital marketing strategies.

Retail and foodservice

For Cavendish’s retail side of the business, we manage a multi-channel social media, content, and influencer strategy. As audiences and content vary across platforms and delivery is needed in both English and French languages, we’ve kept content strategy and creation extremely fluid, constantly meeting current trends and audience needs. This allows social media to become the primary tool for testing and learning, informing, and fostering cohesion among all digital Cavendish Farms efforts. While the retail side of the business is focused primarily in social, valuable learnings push into the food service space.

Our success in retail allowed our partnership to progress to the food service side of the business. We manage digital sales campaigns, paid media and search campaigns targeted at brokers and food distributors to elevate the Cavendish brand. In 2021, we completed a 12-month sales incentive program that was built by our in-house digital team for the US foodservice broker network. The customized content and online portal created a unique opportunity to reward positive behaviours with a gamification approach amongst its US broker networks — increasing leads and sales.

We’ve also helped redefine measurement of success and key performance indicators. Industry benchmarks alongside goals for engagement, impressions, and reactions per posts specific to Cavendish Farms allow for in-depth monthly performance reviews.

French fries forever

Since we started managing Cavendish farms’ social media channels, the brand has gained over 30K new followers and created an environment for highly engaged audiences. In addition, three new channels and strategies were created (YouTube Shorts, Pinterest, TikTok) and growth among younger age groups.

One of our biggest successes was building a unique campaign for National French Fry Day — a perfect opportunity to connect with Gen Z audiences. The campaign included the launch of a TikTok channel, paid influencer activations using an original song, and a strategy to encourage owned content. One of our favourites, the breakfast sandwich hack post, now has over 1 million views with continued growth. The virality of the content on the platform has brought in over 20K new followers. We continue to grow our presence on huge

We were initially engaged to manage Cavendish’s retail social media channels, and now our partnership has expanded.

National French Fry Day is a perfect opportunity to connect with Gen Z audiences.