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The client

FYidoctors is one of Canada’s – and the world’s – largest doctor-led optometry brand, with over 350 locations across Canada.

Talking to patients, consumers, doctors and businesses

The stunning growth in clinics, customer-base and brand recognition over the past eight years is a testament to how multi-faceted the FYidoctors business strategy has been. For patients, FYidoctors differentiates itself by being the champion of eye health, and an educator of how eye health connects to overall wellness. FYidoctors also appeals to customers as a lens and frame retailer – including its own private label line of frames. The brand also grows through acquisition, which means in addition to connecting with patients and customers, they also need to appeal to independent optometrists seeking to join the company. That means trumpeting a high-quality diagnostic equipment and procedures, and ensuring that those who have joined are incorporated into the brand and culture, along with their staff. The company also seeks business growth through affinity programs, so there’s a need to develop content to attract large employers to see FYidoctors as a potential partner. Finally, as FYidoctors has entered the fast-growing medical aesthetics space as an acquirer under the ReNue brand, there is a whole new host of patients and independent doctors whose needs FYidoctors seeks to address.

Enhancing life

As FYidoctors’ agency of record since 2015, we knew that all of this varied work needed to be united under a core principle – Enhancing Life. Enhancing Life is not only the brand DNA, it’s the basis of all the messaging, and helps form a cohesive brand narrative, building out diverse content for unique and varied audiences. Our primary focus is attracting new and current patients to return to the clinic for eye care and eyewear needs. By becoming a champion of the importance of eye health we help patients understand that FYidoctors believes in quality care. We extend that sense of quality and care to our technology – both in-clinic diagnostic as well as lenses and frames – speaking to a high level of excellence. Quality care is also a must for independent optometrists seeking to join FYidoctors, who are looking to enhance the lives of their patients and their teams.

The eyes have it

As the AOR since 2015, we have been crafting FYidoctors internal and external communications, as well as partnering with them on brand and business strategy. Our work has been pivotal in increasing awareness of this brand across Canada and specifically launching Visique into the Quebec market. Visique was well received and earned the brand a reach of 43% of the target audience and 36% of the total Quebec market. We are also newly tasked with overall awareness as FYidoctors expands into the US market. Our partnership has allowed us to also create and implement a private label, Sacori. We hold roughly 25% of aided awareness in the category, with a strong hold in Alberta, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan markets. Our message of enhancing lives is critical in maintaining and growing brand presence across North America.

FYidoctors differentiates itself by being the champion of eye health.

Sacori, our private label frames, collaborates with renowned Canadians.