Creating widespread awareness amongst the Gen Z segment.

From tragedy to health awareness.








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About the project

Kai Matthews, a 19-year-old Kinesiology student at Acadia University, died unexpectedly from meningitis B in June 2021. In the middle of their heartbreak, Kai’s family had the dream to raise the awareness and impact change surrounding meningitis B.

The organization and brand identity were built from the ground up after the Matthews family approached us with the name BforKai and the colour red. The logo and materials reflect Kai’s all-in, inspiring, and bold personality.

The website and social media channels were launched to increase awareness and inspire people to take action. Both included information on meningitis B, resources, an online petition, a letter for supporters to write to local MLAs, and a newly founded community to share experiences with meningitis B.

Through all channels, numerous post-secondary institutions across Canada are now providing coverage for vaccination protection. The IWK Hospital in Halifax launched education for its staff while also introducing the IWK BforKai Trust. BforKai served as an inspiration to establish a national meningitis B campaign in October 2022 targeting the Gen Z segment with a focus on the high-risk post-secondary student population.

Turning a tragedy into an opportunity to raise awareness, we created an organizational and brand identity focused on Gen Z health.