Canadian Nurses Association

Advocating for nurses with a refreshed brand and video campaign.

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Canadian Nurses Association




  • Mantra Video
  • Mural
  • Public Relations

About the project

The Canadian Nurses Association represents over 140,000 nurses nationwide. Recently, the CNA changed its membership model to allow nurses to join their national association as individuals. This meant they needed help redefining their brand, its purpose, and its value proposition to appeal to this newly empowered group.

In the spring of 2021, we launched the refreshed CNA brand based on a deeply emotive and poetic video mantra – Answer the Call – highlighting the determination, focus and passion that fuels nursing in Canada. It helped position CNA as the organization able to safeguard Canadian health, to fix our healthcare system, and respond to the needs of nurses. In fall 2021 through winter 2022, we followed up with a membership campaign that celebrated nurses’ contributions during COVID-19 with a 28-storey interactive augmented reality installation in downtown Toronto.

The mural, which was the largest of its kind to have ever been completed in Canada, was amplified through PR and social media. Our team created an inspirational brand and brought it to life with breakthrough creative. The CNA reached media impressions it had never seen before.