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About the project

Canon Canada is dedicated to providing innovative imaging products to consumers, businesses and industry professionals. They also focus on building communities for artists to share ideas through photography, video and print media.

To demonstrate their commitment to customers and engage with the broader photography and video community, Canon partnered with Believeco to build the Canon Creator Lab, a bilingual online hub.

We designed this free, membership-based, e-commerce website to allow consumers to engage with different programs, services and events. Members can also check out the latest exclusive online workshops, unique insights and custom profiles of Canon’s ambassador team of creative professionals.

As new content is always coming and going, we understood the necessity for the site to be scalable and easily maintained. That’s why we built with a completely modular structure, allowing anyone on the team to construct unique page templates to display different types of content across the site.

With an eye to enhancing the brand’s overall look and feel, the Canon Creator Lab helped Canon boost product sales, improve customer service and strengthen relationships within the photography and video community.