Supporting cancer patients during Covid with timely communication.

No patient left behind.






Launch campaign


  • Video
  • Animation
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  • Sales Materials

About the project

COVID-19 has been especially hard on cancer patients, with shocking drops in both testing and treatment due to the pandemic. In fact, there had been a ~50% decrease in the rate of diagnosis for breast, colorectal, lung, pancreatic, gastric, and esophageal cancers combined. NeoGenomics (Neo), a leader in oncology diagnostics, understood the significance of this challenge and wanted to do their part to help. 

After launching a new Mobile Phlebotomy Testing Service in November 2020, which helped to ensure no patient experiences delays in their care (at no cost to the patient), we needed to get the word out, and fast!

Timelines and budgets were tight and a short list of assets needed to carry a big message to numerous audiences (from pathologists and oncologists to patients and pharma partners).

Despite the challenges, all assets were launch-day ready – so important in a therapeutic space where even a single delay can impact a patient’s well-being.

Neo was able to communicate their support for patients during these times as well as showcase their leadership within oncology diagnostics.