Provident Bank

Acquiring new customers through unscripted video testimonials.

Believing in a bank.




Provident Bank




  • Video Shoot
  • Video Production & Editing

About the project

For more than 180 years, Provident Bank has served consumers and businesses in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. Provident is committed to their customers and their communities, and every day they stand by their brand promise of “Commitment you can count on”.

To assist Provident Bank in acquiring new customers and recruiting great talent, we needed to bring that brand promise to life.  Working closely with the Provident Bank Marketing team, we selected customers who believe in Provident Bank, and employees who live and exemplify the company’s culture, putting the people who live the promise at the center of the strategy.

After 3 days of emotionally-driven and honest video shoots, we captured seven impactful and candid testimonial stories. But what we really came away with was an appreciation for Provident Bank’s promise. “Commitment you can count on” was clearly more than a tagline, it was truly an approach to doing business and that was made very clear through these unscripted and truly authentic videos.