Sun Pharmaceuticals

Driving patient engagement with an easy-to-use Absorica® acne tracker app.

An app for acne treatment.








  • App Development
  • Content Planning
  • UX/UI & Accessibility

About the project

For patients with severe acne, the road to treatment can be long and frustrating, and for patients who are on an isotretinoin, the treatment needs extra care and attention. Sun Pharmaceuticals wanted to make sure that all patients on Absorica® had access to the support and information they need and deserve.

Though an app, Sun Pharma could support Absorica® patients through their treatment journey and encourage adherence to their prescribed regimen. But the app needed to be done right – with a clear value proposition to patients.

To make the strategy effective, we needed to provide the right tools and resources in a digital experience that would keep a younger generation of patients engaged and help them get the most out of their treatment.

Through an easy-to-use interface, tailored content, healthy living tips, dosing reminders, and photo-tracking functionality, the app gave patients a real-time view into their progress that helped maintain a positive perspective on their journey.

Ultimately, by understanding the needs of these Absorica® patients, the app allowed Sun Pharma to be there for them every step of the way.