As good as gold: Believeco wins big at CMAs

Awards are everything nothing something.

What do you get when you marry an incredibly tight regulatory environment with an original song that people just can’t get out of their heads? Pure gold—and the Canadian Marketing Association agrees!

At this year’s event, the CMA judges awarded Believeco with Gold in Healthcare Brand Building for our Invokana campaign. Those in pharma know you can’t say much in DTC, so we chose to sing it in the “More Than My Condition” TV spot. The anthemic, breakthrough campaign inspired patients to live life to the fullest—no matter what. Diversity, celebration and hope are in short supply in pharma advertising, so we turned up the volume and the results speak for themselves.

The campaign was divided into three separate videos, all of which feature the same memorable song, but with their own equally relatable, compelling, and inspirational characters. 

Check out the award-winning spots: 

INVOKANA® Rockstar
INVOKANA® Sports Fan
INVOKANA® Everyday Diva

We don’t like to brag (too much) but clearly, we are doing something right when it comes to putting to work world-class creative thinking in the pharma space. The CMA has also recognized our team with another Gold award in Brand Building for our FreeStyle Libre DTC spot, a Silver award in Healthcare MarTech for our Diabetes Innovations Facebook community, another Silver award in Business Impact, and Bronze in Customer Experience for an experiential activation—and that’s just in the last three years. (Fine, maybe we want to brag a little bit.) 

This campaign is one of many that have been successful in achieving our clients’ goals, including building brand awareness and increasing customer engagement. It just goes to show the importance and the power of strong storytelling in creating captivating content and effective marketing campaigns for our clients. 

If you’re looking for breakthrough work, creative thinking and an approach that elevates your brand and connects with your customers, get in touch and get inspired.